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At: Mangrove Marina
200 Florida Avenue
Tavernier, FL 33070
Mile Marker: 91.5
The annual Everglades Boats Rendezvous took place over the weekend from July 17th and ended Monday, July 20th. Perfect weather was the order of the weekend with calm winds, a little rain and lots of sun. This years theme was "Mardi Gras.  Accommodations were at South Seas Resort. Boats were docked out front of our condo's at the marina. Friday brought a welcome party hosted by Everglades staff in one of the South Seas meeting rooms. Fabulous appetizers were served on platters by roving waiters and the drinks flowed. Dark & Stormies, Moscow Mules and Vodka Cran Lemonade were the drink of choice along with an open bar. Our Captains meeting provided  hints of what was to come on Saturday. Revealing very little, the Everglades and Yacht Works staff promised fun was going to be had by all ! Arrrrghh !

Saturday, all boats made their way to Yacht Works where a "Cannon" start announced the start of the "Pirates of the Everglades" Treasure Hunt ! All answers were to be proven by photo, video or written answers.  This Treasure hunt featured hidden Treasure Chests along with two pages of Treasure Trivia and questions along with challenges. Six hours were given to accumulate as many points as possible. With a mighty roar of outboard engines, teams were on a mission...once again blasting past the first Treasure Chest...hidden under the Red Roof Inn...a floating houseboat 40 yards from the start !

Needless to say, six hours later, the Pirates all checked back in with plenty of stories to tell. Some were late. Points were totaled and winners were awarded prizes. First prize...a new Everglades Super Dock Box, went to Team Venturi , running a Everglades 355cc. Second place and a 75 Qt. Yeti Cooler went to Team Weiger. Not far behind, was Team Naz who also won a Yeti Cooler. Thanks to all of our sponsors! Heated debate as to what was acceptable and what was not had many teams yelling at each other as each looked for extra points. Some teams gathered extra points doing shots off the Yacht Works CCX. Team Venturi did somewhere near 25 shots ! All we know is that everyone had a fun time and cannot wait until next year. Even the locals, learned about places they had never been before. Great fun was had by all !

Sunday, dawned just as gorgeous as Saturday and we all headed down to Port Antiqua "Sand Bar" in formation for a fun run down and then rafted up for fun in the gorgeous water. The girls cooked hot dogs on the grill. Take a look at the pictures and you'll agree, this place is beautiful ! Drinks flowed, Bryan took over the music with his high powered stereo system on his NEW 243CC...people floated, wandered around visiting and comparing boats, once again a great time was had by all ! Late in the afternoon the party broke and we all headed back to Mangrove Marina where we had a cook out with fabulous food. Monday, everyone went their own ways with some going home and others running off to go fishing or diving. We all got some well earned rest !See everyone next year on Florida's West Coast for more fun and games.
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Everglades Boats at the "Port Antiqua"
Friday Night Captains Meeting / Cocktail Party! 
Everglades Dealer Meeting, 2016
Yacht Works, Top Five Dealer
Everglades Boats, Yacht Works, rendezvous, Florida Keys, Tavernier, bayside, fun, sunday, funday
Sunday Funday !
This years theme...Mardi Gras!
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Everglades 360LXC, center console, salt water, fishing, luxury, yacht works, tavernier, Florida, Keys,
Ask us about the new luxurious Everglades 360 LXC
Everglades, dealer meeting, boats, luxury, center consoles, yacht works, tavernier, florida
Everglades Dealer Meeting, July 2015
Everglades Boats, dealer meeting, yacht works, tavernier, florida, keys, awards,
Everglades Boats, Yacht Works, center console, tavernier, florida, keys, yachting, fun, bay
New Helm Area for the New Everglades 360 LXC
New "Sky Blue" Awl-Craft Color
As the sun sets on our party...